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The world, devoured by residues, has lost his colours. Cold, grey and covered by trash, it is ruled by terrible creatures: the waste. Beings without pity, which have become the masters of a barren land. However, somebody is still there in this withered world. Somebody is still unceasingly sweeping the trash waves that are constantly coming back. Somebody is still hoping that nature will recover its rights: the witch Gaia Baba.
Her adventure begins the day in which, between the garbage, she discovers what she thought had been lost forever.

Contamination, global warming, extinct animals, risk of extinction, chaos. Gaia Baba’s world seems pretty similar to ours.
This fictional universe is riddle with garbage and plastic is everywhere. It could look like the tragic destiny of our planet.

Today, more than ever, opening conscience about the environnemental issues that we all are facing is an objective that we are puirsuing from art. In order to do this, GAIA BABA introduces us in an fantastic adventure with her battles, persecutions, journeys and also her humour and tenderness.


Technique : Puppetry, Physical theatre
Duration : 1h

All Audiences

Direction and dramaturgy: Nauta

Performers: Rafael Rey Domech, Mathias Rodriguez,

               Pilar Pingarrón, Tomé Mouriño Covelo

Choreographic creation: Nauta

Original Music: Tomé Mouriño Covelo

Scenography: Nauta

Costumes: Elisa Vizioli

Illumination: Javier Quintana Gutiérrez

                 Carlos Gallardo Rodríguez

Video: Merenda Creativa

Photo credits: Rocío Rodríguez Freiria,

                  Lorenzo Negueruela

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