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The world, devoured by residues, has lost his colours. Cold, grey and covered by trash, it is ruled by terrible creatures: the waste. Beings without pity, which have become the masters of a barren land. However, somebody is still there in this withered world. Somebody is still unceasingly sweeping the trash waves that are constantly coming back. Somebody is still hoping that nature will recover its rights: the witch Gaia Baba.

New team.
New cast.
New dramaturgy.
New scenery.
Redesign of the puppets.
And masks!

This version stands out for being technically more affordable and for its new scenery: an installation with two rolling screens that give dynamism, color, and involve the viewer in this fantastic environmental theme adventure  


Puppetry, physical theater, masks
All audiences (+6)
No text
Duration: 60 min.
Indoor, adaptable to unconvencional space  (with lights and sound)
Dimensions mín. 6 x 4 x 4

Direction: Rafael Rey


Performers: Raquel Garabal, Carlos Gallardo,

               Pilar Pingarrón

Original Music: Filipe Miranda 

Scenography: Rafael Rey, Luca García e Manuel López

Costumes: Carmen Domech

Illumination: Silvia Castro

                 Carlos Gallardo

Photo credits: Lorenzo Negueruela

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