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Animals, victims of environmental imbalances, flood the streets with their pain driven by the rhythms of the batucada. From the oceans, the air and the distant lands, they come to meet us. Let's follow these beings, listen to their cries and unite our steps to the rhythm of the drums in their last march. The climate emergency evokes in all of us the day of our extinction. In the last 50 years, a large part of the terrestrial and marine ecosystems have been endangered. This emergency pushes us to invade the streets with the sound of the batucada and make heard the need to take care of the planet that sustains us and the rest of the beings that inhabit it.

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Format: Parade with puppets and batucada
Duration: 1h

All Audiences

Coproduction: Nauta and Trópico de Grelos


Direction: Rafael Rey Domech

Musical direction: Alenya Espiñeira

Performers: 13 Performers

                  9 Musicians 

Music: Trópico de Grelos


Costumes : Ana Gesto

Photo credits: Lorenzo Negueruela

                   Antía Balvís


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