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Nino and Mambrú enter the track, these two eccentric shoeshiners show off being the best at their job and being respected all over the world. The duo of brothers develop a unique and incomparable style in their profession: the famous art of leaving shoes like a whistle. And they promise that it will be a show of great elegance and virtuosity. Self-proclaimed servants of the shoes, they will have to prove that everything this boast is certain before the arrival of his new client. Let's hope that the pressure cannot with them and that they show what they are capable of.

The need to claim the mask theatre today prompted us to create a street show, available and affordable for anyone passing by.

Strongly inspired by the great figures in the history of comedy, Nino & Mambrú present us with a half-mask show. Inscribed in the veins of physical theater. Acrobatics, fencing, mime and improvisation with the public converge to create a work for family audiences.

Technique : Masks, Physical Theater
Duration : 45mins

All Audiences

Direction and dramaturgy: Nauta

Performers: Rafael Rey Domech, Mathias Rodriguez


Choreography: Nauta

Scenography: Nauta


Masks: Nauta

Photo credits: Merenda Creativa,

                   Lorenzo Negueruela

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