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The Company

Nauta is a young galician company. A group of creators who come from physical theater, music, dance and the worlds of masks and puppetry.

From the desire to deepen, investigate and discover the performing art scene of today, Nauta go to a theater where styles come together to open new spaces. To an art for all kinds of public and without elites. To a meeting point where you can immerse yourself in the extraordinary of art.



Rafael Rey Domech Nauta Teatro


From a young age he discovers the world of puppetry and theater thanks to his parents company Titeres Cachirulo. He trained at the Pábulo School of Performing Arts in Santiago de Compostela and in 2015 he decided to move to Madrid where he trained at the Jorge Eines Interpretation School and graduated from the International Mime School and Gestual Theater Nouveau Colombier. His encounter with the pedagogy of Jaques Lecoq at the hands of Arturo Bernal encouraged him to further his training in Brussels. Graduated from the École Internationale de théâtre LASSAAD (2017-2019) he specializes in theatre and movement under the direction of Lassaâd Saïdi and Norman Taylor. He is part of the organization of the Galicreques International Puppet Festival (Galicia) where his interest is to deepen and investigate the world of puppetry, generating activities and meeting spaces for this art.


Artistic Direction

Carlos Gallardo Nauta Teatro



From the age of 17 he began to have contact with the world of theatre and cinema. At that time his passion to find the meeting point between the two was born. He was trained in Audio-visual Communication and during that time he also began his professional studies at the Pábulo School of Performing Arts in Santiago de Compostela. In 2016, he decided to move to Madrid so he could study at the International School of Mime and Gestual Nouveau Colombier Theater and, in 2018, he completed his apprenticeship at the Arturo Bernal International Theater School, specializing in Lecoq pedagogy. Then he founded his own company: Teatro Crudo, where he explored the contemporary jester and the post-dramatic dramaturgies. In 2020 Nauta crossed his path and he began collaborating with them.

Image and content


She began her training at the University of Santiago de Compostela, where her interest in visual arts and cinema led her to graduate in Audiovisual Communication in 2017. At the same time, she began her theater studies at the Pábulo School of Performing Arts, in 2015, where he discovers his interest in the expression of the body. In 2016, he started in the puppet theater, working on projects with the company Títeres Cachirulo. She continues his journey at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, in 2018, in the itinerary of physical and visual interpretation, ending up specializing in physical theater in 2023. Her disciplines include contemporary dance, body mime, object theater, mask work and acrobatics. Currently she works as an actress in the companys Criatura Teatre and La Metralla. 




Pilar Pingarrón Nauta Teatro



She discovered the theater at a very young age. After earning her degree at the Laboratorio de Teatro William Layton in 2015, she discovered the pedagogy of Lecoq at the international school of mime Nouveau Colombier and obtained her diploma in 2018. Due to her interest in the voice and the written word, she held a workshop with Joaquín Notario, Vicente Fuentes and singing with Eva Frey. In 2019, she took classes of dance from Tejido Conectivo at Espacio en Blanco and held workshops with Yeiner Chicas and Lucio A. Báglivo. She co-created the Teatro Crudo company in Madrid in 2019, where two collective creation shows were made. These shows investigate the bufoon and the new dramaturgies. What she finds interesting about theatre is its ritual power and to investigate the mixture of different disciplines which open up new horizons of expression


Permanent Artists


Mathias Rodriguez Nauta Teatro


Creator and actor, Mathias discovers in Tours (France) his passion for the theater and decides to dedicate his life to it. In 2014, after studying performing arts in Rennes, he studied in Toulouse at the Conservatory of Theater. In 2016 he graduated in the training of actors from the "Hangar" theatre school. He continued his career at Brussels in the international theater school LASSAAD (2017-2019). After the scool he traveled to Spain to develop his artistic project. Trained in dance, acrobatics, puppets and fascinated by masks and physical theater, Mathias explores the performing arts in search of a living and multi-disciplinary theater.


Tristan Ron Nauta Teatro


Tristán always had a close relationship with drawing and the visual arts. He grew up watching movies, reading comic books and going to all kinds of theatre, musical shows, performance and dance shows at Sala Nasa (Santiago de Compostela). He attended drawing and comic courses and academies since he was a child until he graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His work is open and variable, and does not take a single path nor is his drawing of a single style. In 2020 start his colaboration with Nauta.







 In its three years of experience it has four shows in its repertoire and collaborates with several European projects. All of them deal with social and current issues that especially affect youth and today's world, which need to be addressed from a contemporary and innovative language. Nauta focuses its work on going deeper and discovering new ways of telling; the plastic and visual of its staging, and its commitment to a theater that defends the most ritual form of it as a propelling weapon to combat the dystopian world we face.

Its first creation, Nino&Mambrú, was born with the aim of modernizing the half mask of the Commedia dell'Arte and bringing it to the contemporary street. The work has been performed in countries such as Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, and today it has more than a hundred performances.

In 2020, still under the name of Moving Compass, they began the creation of their first hall show: GAIA BABA. A work that reformulates the table puppet by adding the dialogue of the puppet with the body of the manipulator. The language of this work is the most universal, music. It is a show without text, for all ages and nationalities since it deals with one of the most current, universal and worrying topics of our times: the environment. On this occasion, like a fantastic story, they portray what a fictional world full of garbage where plastic is omnipresent would be like. GAIA BABA has more than ten representations at the state level, including the International Galicreques Puppet Festival, Titirijai in 2020; Galicia Pro Scene and Redondela Puppet Festival. GAIA BABA will be re-released in 2024 under the title "GAIA BABA, the last meiga" with a new cast and dramaturgy.

The universe of his third show Tacão, an adaptation of the text by Mozambican author Mia Couto, is non-normative genres, and the confrontation that exists between these and the pre-established heteronormative system. This conflict on stage is translated with the confrontation of masks of different textures and formats. This creation has had residencies in the Ártika hall in Vigo, Nave del Duende, and has been represented at the Galicreques International Puppet Festival and the MALUGA Festival (Portugal), in 2021.

In 2022 with A BARCA DO INFERNO, and now under the name Nauta, the company consolidates itself as a professional. It is the first co-production together with the Galician Dramatic Center and is the result of a residency in the Ciudad de la Cultura of Santiago de Compostela within the Clásicas Desfeitas project. Premiered at the 45th edition of the Almagro Festival, it embarks on the adventure of adapting a Portuguese classic to the demands of contemporary theater

A BARCA DO INFERNO is a finalist for the nomination for best puppet and animated figure show at the María Casares


Awards 2023, and has been represented at the Galicreques Puppet Festival and at the Titirijai Festival in 2024.

In 2022 Nauta premiered his first TREBOADA parade in collaboration with the batucada band Trópico de Grelos. A show made up of a cast of 20 artists, including manipulators and musicians, in which Nauta approaches community theater for the first time. This year, they continue to develop this field through projects such as the carnival in the French city of Vitrolles, in collaboration with the EMAP (Ecole Municipale d'Arts Plastiques) where the company will be in charge of the construction of large-format puppets for the first time (three to four meters).

On the international scene, it is part of the PHONE project, an European network in which more than eight countries generate festivals, shows and activities together with the objective of highlighting different minority languages through theater.

It has co-produced, directed and created the masks for the show Estorias ao Lume, by the Portuguese company Krisalida Teatro, which deals with Gallic-Portuguese folklore, revaluing the tradition of oral storytelling.


Together with EFFEA (European Festivals Fund for Emerging Artists), the Galicreques International Festival and the Teo council of Santiago de Compostela, they will carry out a community theater research project with participants from the LGBTIQ+ collective, which will try to investigate gender identity from theatrical expression and the use of the mask, also considering within it the Drag genre as a transformative tool. This will be the third community theater project this year that allows the company to continue developing its own pedagogical project.

In 2024, together with the CDG (Galician Dramatic Center), it is co-producing O corazón na boca, one of the plays for the center's 40th anniversary. A show composed of a cast that belongs to the FEGATEA (Galician Amateur Theater Federation).


Nauta is an emerging company that develops its plastic facet together with illustrators, sculptors and designers from different artistic fields, which continues to grow and expand creative, community, geographical and collaborative horizons.

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