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Riches die,
gods die,  
we'll also die
But there is something that lasts:
deeds done while alive
The countdown starts now

Based on the XVI century classic "Auto da Barca do Inferno" by the Portuguese playwright Gil Vicente, we will dive into the depths to check the current situation of the marine environment. A critical eye at the seriousness of our actions from the perspective of the inhabitants of the aquatic ecosystem.
Puppets, masks, live music, satire and tragedy are the ingredients that will accompany us on this journey in which we will see how the excess of residual discharges, massive fishing and, in short, the climate emergency, lead us all to the day of our extinction.

Show co-produced by the Dramatic Galician Center and the City of Culture of Santiago de Compostela.

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Puppets, Physical Theater, mask
Duration: 1h
Audience + 14 años
Language: Galician/Spanish
Indoor or street, adaptable to unconvencional space

Dramaturgy: Nauta


Direction: Rafael Rey Domech

Performers: Carlos Gallardo

               Mathias Rodriguez

               Rafael Rey Domech

              Tomé Mouriño Covelo

              Lydia Guez

              Pilar Pingarrón 

Music: Tomé Mouriño Covelo

Scenografy: Lydia Guez

Illumination: Carlos Gallardo


Costumes : Lydia Guez

Photo credits: Óscar Corral

                   Zoé Motion

                   Antía Balvís


Picture: Sara Casal

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